16​-​bit Era

by Joe March

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Times were incredibly different in my era
and they're changing now, more than ever
when number 23 made the game go global
when we were much less tech-savy and anti-social
but when you weren't expected to be contactable constantly
when fruit and vegetables were of a higher quality
The Y2K bug, we can laugh about it now
super soakers, slip-n-slides, peak Homer with his snowplow
Minidiscs, walkmans, discmans, music portability
Electronic skip protection brought stability
catching up on what I missed from the '90s in my teens
and the '80s which was arguably the most unique music scene
some people hate it, but I do not subscribe
but it's all subjective, I will not launch a diatribe
from the 16-bit era, no Genesis here, instead the Megadrive
when the competition was alive before it really took a nosedive

I'm from the 16 bit era
the 16-bit era
the 16, the 16, the 16-bit era
Tamagotchis, Widget, Captain Planet and pogs
dial up internet, a plumber versus a hedgehog
Genesis does what nintendon't
writing saved game passwords on a note
I'm from the 16 bit era
16-bit era
I'm from the 16 bit era
16-bit era

Times were sick growing up in the '90s
a time when I was getting to know my first aphrodites
like Kimberly the pink ranger, Mrs McFly
Alicia Silverstone in rubber, no one can deny
Christina Ricci, Judy From Jumanji and Topanga
Agent Scully, Elisabeth Shue, still satisfies the hunger
Christine Taylor, Sabrina, Alex Mack
Kelly Bundy, 20 years on still want her in the sack
could go on forever, before the world turned to plastic
tightening their skin like they're pulling on elastic
before you could be thin, without being shamed
now we're proud of fat, be yourself...I cannot explain
a lot has changed in such a small amount of time
when I was raised rappers were ranked based on their rhymes
from the 16-bit era, collecting rings with Sonic and Knuckles
Doctor Robotnik can get it on the double


Times were simpler, far less swindlers
before swiping with fingers on shit like Tinder
when people were in cinemas in tears from the list of Schindler
when we weren't so cautious about when to turn on a sprinkler
when MJ was killing it but still dissatisfied
screaming 'leave me alone' inside a ride trying to clarify
when you didn't expect to hear of bombers every time you heard the news
before every Tom, Dick and Harry had various tattoos
they say 9/11 changed it all, (R.I.P)
I say with a photo of my family next to me
signalled a new dawn, a new era, at the start of 128
security stepped up, harder to get weight through the gate
terror had joined the free world in a state never seen
the feeling of feeling safe was a state as low as it had been
from the 16-bit era, now I spit a sweet sixteen
when the largest wars were mostly cold and casualty clean



released July 8, 2017



all rights reserved


Joe March Australia

I'm passionate about music and have been making it for a minute. I mainly create conscious hip hop where I can vent by putting my opinions down on 'wax'. Many other songs are tracks about the fairer sex.

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