by Joe March

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Stay away from this song if you just bought a pair
of sneakers for style, made in childcare
supporting the many that are, exploited so
how the fuck can you, we do that though
it's wrong what we consume and what we do
we should buy fair-trade products, we need to do
you can keep your corny raps, for Youtube views
I will never not, spit the news
will always try not, to be consumed
will always treat as innocent before I presume
so many do not, it's just injustice
just listen to these facts, and bring the ruckus
here's another where I want listeners to break their compass
to think before you act, be more gumptious
I can't do this by myself
I need some help let's break some wealth

Say amen if you care about your fellow man (amen)
if you care about your planet's lifespan (amen)
say amen if you denounce illicit drugs (amen)
if you'll help spread these messages to he who shrugs (amen)

If you'd rather look after the planet with solar power, amen
and not nuclear, Amen
leaving your children with the waste for eternity,
aka fuck men (fuck 'em)
can you really cope with that mentally
I ask these questions directly
no beating around the bush
no promotion to light up that kush
never not me never will flee
never selling out for sales of CDs (never)
you do not need to believe, to say Amen
so it be truly, say it time and again
when an addict crumbles, no sympathy
no sympathy for he or she
infamy, no empathy, misery
deservedly, consistently and explicitly


If you've ever sniffed, injected, swallowed or smoked
then you've supported kingpin gangsters, next time choke (choke)
paid for their mansions, their lives of crime
living luxuriously that you'll never see in a lifetime
does that make you proud, did you fit in with your peers
when you hear about innocent dead kids, you should feel tears
because you are partly to blame for contributing to the demand
if it weren't for you less teams would be wearing, armbands (R.I.P.)
rappers naming themselves after these murderers
praising El' Chapo for what he did, torturer
but no demand, no supply is what they say
it's true, we've got the power, do not betray
no means no I've said it before not talking rape talking saying no to drugs it's an early message supported by Nancy Reagan in those P.S.A.s, no one listens though
it's an array of fucked



released January 17, 2017
Sample: 'Because He Lives (Amen)' by Zoe Group (acapella)



all rights reserved


Joe March Australia

I'm passionate about music and have been making it for a minute. I mainly create conscious hip hop where I can vent by putting my opinions down on 'wax'. Many other songs are tracks about the fairer sex.

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