Back Back!

by Joe March

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You're only as good as those you surround yourself with
bad influences, fuck them off, get rid
association breeds assimilation, you know what means?
basically don't hang around those who haven't had their vaccines
the inaction of attraction leads to infractions
people trying to get a reaction don't give them any traction
people trying to start something, stare them down
don't give them any satisfaction, fuck those clowns
people who never let you be you, just walk away
be you and only you, do not try to portray
and act like what you aren't, and don't truly want to be
leads to you stressing, back back, from a future detainee
those who do nothing but spout negativity, bring you down
having an alright day then comes along this frown
just wishing that they would just fucking scat
tell them to back back and tell them that...

You can never get me [so back back]
You can never get me [get me]
You can never get me [so back back]
You can never, You can never, You can never, You can never

You can never get me, hit me
you can never stop me, try me
I will never be influenced, to do wrong
change my mindset, I'm too strong
never been influenced to change from sobriety
thank god for people like me, we need variety
within this society, too much notoriety
leads to agoraphobia and other anxiety
I've been doing me for over 20 years, you think you can get me now
back back from me man or it's about to go down!
I've tried to back back, but if you really want me
you'll be wishing you backed back and hailing Mary
closed casket for your family
on the coffin graffitied [you can never get me]
who stop you from taking chances, fuck them off
and tell them this stuff


In high school I was offered drugs, I said back back
don't you know me at all, don't give me a reason to attack
as anti-drugs as you can get, for headaches, I take the pain
no antihistamines for hay fever, I just maintain
would support prohibition but it just cashes-up crooks
speakeasies built as buildings that are supposedly selling books
and it didn't mean so many men losing jobs in turn
we've made a rod for our own back, we should be concerned
don't spend long in a toxic relationship, you both need to leave
you both need to back back, seen it often, a personal peeve
till death do us part, it's such a load of shit
back back and leave when needed, no need to recommit
back back from anyone looking to egg you on to do the wrong thing
the best course of action is generally where you don't take a swing
the closet I'm gonna get to doing a song with two kings
take 'em back to the hook with only how you could sing



released July 12, 2017

'They Don't Care About Us' By Michael Jackson
'That's Heaven to Me' By Sam Cooke



all rights reserved


Joe March Australia

I'm passionate about music and have been making it for a minute. I mainly create conscious hip hop where I can vent by putting my opinions down on 'wax'. Many other songs are tracks about the fairer sex.

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