Child Abuse

by Joe March

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It's a shame we don't need a license to reproduce
for some children out of the womb they've been handed a noose
they've been handed a noose
hang it on the ceiling fan as they stand on the highchair and lament the abuse
cause you can't choose your parents and how you're raised
and it's up to fate whether you're praised or continually razed
it doesn't come with a manual but the fundamentals are being done wrong
too many not being brought up strong as I write this song
without homework looked over, and being helped with school
the ones that need it are the ones left to their own rules
giving your preteen daughter make-up to wear
buying her revealing clothing, less clothed than bare
if the shoe fits wear it cause children shouldn't have to grin and bare it
too many street children having to live without it knowing they'll never have it
the nepotism and riches some have, is just unfair
but it isn't all positive, private school teens have drugs coming out the hair

Not pullin' out as a teen, that's child abuse
giving your child soft drink, that's child abuse
taking them to Mickey D's, that's child abuse
had enough of the fucking parental misuse
child abuse

I ponder if bringing a child into poverty is child abuse
or is that the wrong mindstate, am I the goose?
cause everyone has the right to bear fruit I guess
but too many do it utilising the incorrect process
gotta jump over hoops to adopt, it should be the same
a perfect world I know, where no one is to blame
expecting parents should have to take an educational course
or at least prove they're educated and can show remorse
when I have one may the lord strike me down
if I'm a hypocrite, may I drown
if I don't follow through and my comments don't come to fruition
behaviour, attitude, permission or related to nutrition
you gotta know you're the role model, they're a mini you
mimic your moves, your speech, abuse and your views
you don't have to strike to commit child abuse
out of hearing this song, changes must be be educed


feeding them shit, get educated
if you are but don't care get unvaccinated
your children should be confiscated
your seeds and eggs never again cultivated
praying your lungs end up deflated
too bad my call to arms is probably too belated
cause child obesity and depression are epidemics
not to mention allergies but strangely not a pandemic
seen kids having chocolate for brunch, potato chips for lunch
no nutrition, but at least they crunch
but I'm a single mother, I'm busy, I'm in a rush
instead of being impregnated, you should've just gotten thrush
belfies with kids in the background, proud that it's round
not how my mum did sound, no chance of stealing her crown


Child abuse


released July 11, 2017



all rights reserved


Joe March Australia

I'm passionate about music and have been making it for a minute. I mainly create conscious hip hop where I can vent by putting my opinions down on 'wax'. Many other songs are tracks about the fairer sex.

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