Devil's Brew

by Joe March

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Views of the world from a teetotaler.


Who am I? The liquid, that causes so much harm
make people think that have some wit and charm
prohibition came and went, with the aim to massacre and kill
unfortunately all it did was instill
organised crime to climb the ladder with dimes
politicians, cops bought off to be quiet, not chime
causes broken families and beaten wives
innocent civilians dead when they come across me and drive
drunkards at a get together lose all respect
dehydration may be a short term effect
long is liver disease, cancer of the mouth
that's right I'm alcohol, causing pancreatitis further down south
at the top of the list of the drugs that cause harm
heroin comes in second, shot in the arm
the following day people saying, why me?
brain damage beyond repair, well, I'll have a coffee

I am the centre of suffering but you wouldn't ever wanna know
despite all the P.S.A.s I continue to grow
present the government with a bounty, so they are happy to bestow
seen everywhere, during too many television shows

They say that role models make us destined for the drink
it's a shame that anyone can create a human in a blink
alcohol is a diuretic yet people use it to quench their thirst
submersed in a drug culture at its ultimate worst
it's normally the first that impressionable children see
their parents drinking to celebrate anything like an anniversary
fetal alcohol syndrome, mothers should be charged
barred, their uterus and ovaries irreversibly discharged
cause it takes a wicked person to damage an unborn child
the birth of a baby should bring on feelings of being beguiled
not cause facial defects like a weird smile
and learning disabilities, it's all compiled, makes me reviled
personally I never touch the drank it only causes harm
or parents rushing in their car after they've been given an alarm
costs the state an obscene amount of money on road safety and the police
checking if people have been responsible and let their hand release


From that bottle, glass or cup filled with brew
drinking all day and night only to vomit and spew
wake up with a pounding headache that you just can't get used to
and you want people to root for you to pull through
feel sorry for you like it was uncontrollable
if it were up to me you'd be way past inconsolable
but what can I do though but try to alter the culture
sick of seeing all these pretty young alcoholic vultures
addicted to the liquid cause we're raised to believe if we're not
you're some kind of weirdo, eccentric, crackpot
made to feel like an outcast, people telling you to dive in
and scull, scull, scull, man I thought these were my friends
makes me second guess who I hang out with and who they be
I don't push my beliefs on you, and I'm the one who is acting healthy
I could keep spitting about this topic, passionate, abhorred to the core
adore those who fought the temperance movement, tried to fight this war



released January 15, 2017



all rights reserved


Joe March Australia

I'm passionate about music and have been making it for a minute. I mainly create conscious hip hop where I can vent by putting my opinions down on 'wax'. Many other songs are tracks about the fairer sex.

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