Don't Cry

by Joe March

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So many lives lost so young
be it Tupac Shakur or Madeleine
parents have gotta believe that it's true
difficult to say, but I pray that closure comes through
breaks my heart to even think about her trapped in some cellar
that Fritzl case, should've done the same to him without shelter
the thoughts that would go through your head
of the horrible things that...
the main reason I have fear of being a father
if anything happened to them I'd go no farther
I struggle to see any child hooked up to breathe
let alone my own before they have even begun to teeth
saddest moments in life are losing what you already had
better to have loved and lost, I beat that saying with an iron pad
what the fuck is going on?
I ponder these thoughts on and on

Don't cry for yourself, laying on that bedspread
able to be well-read, solid roof over the head
cry for the ones getting beaten by the feds
the ones with no bread, the ones without threads
the ones who can't tread, the ones who haven't fled
the ones who have bled, it's for these that I dread's for these that I dread
............shed a tear after I've read

So many to have been put under the sword
their lives cut short without a chance to be restored
the switch turned on after the final meal of prawns
once it's done it's done, after a night of yawns
innocence they claim, innocent some are
D.N.A. evidence, not quite caviar
then you get four months per victim, what a penalty
that mothafucker needed to get at least seventy-seven centuries
for the women in Pakistan who can't even take a stand
fucking backwards country, disband those in command
brother walking around, with a smile on his face
someone please put that, cunt! back in his place
there aren't words for how this shit makes me feel
not a male feminist, emotions just hard to conceal
why there aren't more who appeal codes, that are surreal
and religions traditions, this world needs a Man of Steel


Rest in peace those in Orlando
Trump says he's right though
guns don't kill people, people do
protection of the amendment, or more to do with revenue
people can't even celebrate a revolution
without getting hit by something, that causes pollution
cry for that fact they all commit suicide or don't get got
tie them to a wall, give the victim's families buckshots
give them pain till they die, no shade, some sunspots
fuck human rights and burial plots
can't turn on the TV anymore without phone video of gunshots
Turkey, Germany, France, America, bomb robots
Sandy Hook, some say, not enough photos were took
if legit, those parents are a bunch of weird crooks
smiling, choke holds, just look like bad actors
I'll say R.I.P. nonetheless despite the strange factors




released January 15, 2017
Samples audio from the Dr. Phil talk show.



all rights reserved


Joe March Australia

I'm passionate about music and have been making it for a minute. I mainly create conscious hip hop where I can vent by putting my opinions down on 'wax'. Many other songs are tracks about the fairer sex.

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