by Joe March

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Just open up the newspaper, or turn on the PC
chances are there'll be a new article or a story
about something new being harmful, some change
to a previous scientific study, something exchanged
one day some alcohol is beneficial, the next it ain't
one day global warming's a fad, a common complaint
think about all the errors of the past, eating too much molasses
cigarettes, cocaine, approved, for use for the masses
doctors advertising them, claiming 'I smoke a packet a day'
makes me wonder what of today is performing body decay
in one way or another, is it the water we drink?
polluted with chemicals and fluoride out of the sink?
solariums putting peoples', health on the brink
getting shut down years later, that melanoma is a prick
gotta be a fuckhead to go there, in the first place
but that's beyond the point, what about the next case

Got me feeling like an experiment, like a prototype
hamster in a wheel, zebroid without stripes
elephant on LSD, boiling a frog
Laika in space, Soviet's multi-headed dog

I read the new findings, that do believe
too much fish oil can lead to prostate cancer, it's time to grieve
it was recommended the day before, to pop some pills
then the next it leads to not being able to pop up the will
microwaves change the make-up of food, nuke it indeed
banned in Russia cause of radiation, until the '90s
try not to use it myself, but sometimes it's hard to stop the trend
of being fucking lazy and turn on the stove, it's hard to defend
had a friend living by a wind farm, thought it was safe for so long
headaches, nausea, learning difficulties are just some that do belong
to the symptoms due to what was believed, to be okay
to be healthy, not hazardous, love, eat, pray
read another one the other day, that the new energy saving lights
are carcinogenic, fuck me, just read, me, my, last rites
can't do this, can't do that
margarine makes you blind, I'm feeling like a rat


Got GM food unlabelled, this wasn't meant to be
feeling like a science experiment, choice is an absentee
what are we eating? I ask that to those who decide
if they're 100 percent certain of what we are putting inside
is as good or better than the real, or the next law suit
turned something so pure into being mutilated, like fucking fruit
cough medicine been marketed for years, proclaimed to work
but now doctors believe it doesn't do shit, not one perk
like mercury in the sixteenth century, to cure syphilis
got it wrong again, they sure, are, wrong for this
tapeworms as little as sixty years ago as an anti-obesity tool
vitamin water promoted as healthy, you mean, this isn't April Fools
this is the kind of shit I'm talking about, we're trapped in a cube
web of lies, placed on repeat, trapped in a tube
of scientific studies, money changing hands, before the survey
those on the food standards board, how much do your pockets weigh?



released January 18, 2017



all rights reserved


Joe March Australia

I'm passionate about music and have been making it for a minute. I mainly create conscious hip hop where I can vent by putting my opinions down on 'wax'. Many other songs are tracks about the fairer sex.

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