by Joe March

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Another tune about an awesome woman written back in 2012/2013. You know Rick Ross' 'So Sophisticated'? The first two verses of that song basically keep the AA rhyme pattern for each verse, before Meek ruins it with the third verse. I wrote it to that instrumental keeping same pattern for each verse.


The girl is beyond being so damn fine
more than a turn of the head, so divine
got a body that'll make you go an create a shrine
walk past her once, wanna wine and dine
no disrespect to Michael and Paul but the girl is mine
thinkin' if only they could grow them off of a vine
been maturing in a barrel, real refined
when she opens her legs, there is a shine
not trying to be speak swine like, just real opine
don't have a disagreement, because there is a line
wanting to get with her, not one decline
just look at those features, so defined
can't say anything, but I'm real inclined
to get up in that, become intertwined
is this fate, you know, by design?
got her layin' down, in the supine

More than fine at first glance
(fine) saw you and took a chance
(fine) knew before the first dance
(fine) eyes had me in a trance

She's got the scent of a candle, million dollar smell
without any kind of perfume, natural
when she walks passed she got the grace of a gazelle
can't see her in lingerie without getting a swell
I haven't seen her do anything unwell
and she can keep a secret forever, will never tell
the first time we went at it was in a motel
took a long time before, we could dispel
manager at the door, ringing the bell
when we're apart I'm always in a dwell
fuck John Gage, would never sell
not for all the money, or to get out of hell
or being interrogated by a cartel for intel
kind that we go crazy over, like in Rochelle, Rochelle
minute we're apart, wanting more, call you on your cell
would take every bullet for you, every shell


32 bars and compliments, but I ain't finished yet
countries could sell you do get out of financial debt
my lucky charm, kiss the dice, let's have a bet
or better yet, red or black, let's play roulette
love to come home to see those fishnets
you know what to do to make me wet
a god like creature, as good as it gets
everything makes me want you more, even your sweat
love that I've never seen you with a cigarette
doing what's right for you, no butter on that baguette
my perfect type, brown eyes and a brunette
so many things in common, two corvettes
love a good event or competition, ready set
do everything together, a duet
with you I promise to never give you any regrets
or miss an important milestone, I will not forget



released January 15, 2017



all rights reserved


Joe March Australia

I'm passionate about music and have been making it for a minute. I mainly create conscious hip hop where I can vent by putting my opinions down on 'wax'. Many other songs are tracks about the fairer sex.

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