I Don't Need More Friends

by Joe March

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After all of this, you wanna be friends
it's clear you never heard of my track fuck friends
proves you didn't listen, I ain't got love
if you don't wanna be together, I will get rid off
I want a girl, I want the one
I want someone to wake up next to, protect with a gun
to come home to, before anyone
act like she's the only one, under the sun
if I had to I would fire, an M1
be her soulmate for life and her guardian
not another friend who I cannot depend
on, and to be with I have to pretend
like, I care about your new boyfriend, when you meet
that's why this won't work, so put an egg in your shoe and beat
it, and, never return
friends? Nah, do a u-turn (fuck off)

I don't need more friends, I don't want no friends
I want someone I can be with, till the very end
someone who together, we can share dividends [I don't need more friends]
stack those hundreds high, and at night I can bend [I don't need no friends]

You can't touch a friend, you can't kiss a friend
you can't put a ring on their hand, and then ascend
go on a romantic holiday in Rome or Madrid
you cant have a kid, put a seat in the mid
hold hands with on a walk, with words not being said
cause you don't need to, minds, can almost be read
got that connection, without any direction
not quite perfection, but, constant affection
never deflection, with constant protection
to be there when you need, consistent reflection
know each other just like you know you
know their reaction before, it does comes through
to love them more, than words can tell
friends nah, I'll see you in heaven or hell
end it and only become friends, not for me
you find another to get close to, and then flee (fuck off)


I feel like all this time, has been fucking wasted
I feel like my heart, has been fucking basted
things get serious and you wanna split
scared of making the move, to commit
cold feet, if I knew that you were this unfit
for a long term relationship, I wouldn't have hit
wouldn't have stayed with you, for this long
and you can't tell me why, that's what's really wrong
why you only wanna be friends, and not lovers
only wanna converse, not be fuckers
I put so much energy into loving you
being there for you because, I cared for you
because I wanted it to work every time I looked into your eyes
now you want all that to mean nothing, just say we tried
and just be friends, nah I can't do that
see you in the next life, no need for a chat (fuck off)



released January 13, 2017

'Blue Knife Dream (Orchestra Stall Mix)' from the Bust-A-Groove OST developed by Metro Graphics for the Sony PlayStation.

'Fuck All Y'all' by Tupac Shakur



all rights reserved


Joe March Australia

I'm passionate about music and have been making it for a minute. I mainly create conscious hip hop where I can vent by putting my opinions down on 'wax'. Many other songs are tracks about the fairer sex.

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