I Hate (Ventin')

by Joe March

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I hate these cunts who wont let me veer out and slide in
and those who cut me off, I'll break your left and right shin
I hate when people use a crossing when there's one car in sight
stop being a prick and just walk, no need for the light
hate these motorists who speed, to get from a to b
show some motherfuckin', responsibility
cause driving ain't a rite, it's a privilege b
just keep doing it until it's time, to cop a plea
see these dudes looking out for the cops, as I drive by
'bout to graf their tags, I'm a bad guy
it's the message they think, they're sending across
I write my name on public property, so now I'm a boss
pick up the phone book, make you cover the paint with your blood
then sentence you to time in prison, with your peers and the suds
I believe in corporal punishment cause it's the only way some will learn
if they're a repeat offender, [burn baby burn]

I hate people only strong when they're in a pack
I hate listening to the radio and hearing a hack
I hate this prick behind me givin' me no slack
I hate people who don't get, but deserve a fuckin' smack
I hate stereotyping someone white, mixed or black
I hate seeing people busking just to afford a snack
I hate thinking they're gonna go and use it for crack
I hate this car behind, 'bout to wind my window down to hand out flack

See these cats on the street in a group acting tough
everyone they are passing disgusted by these cream puffs
get them alone they're like kittens with some wool
together though all vociferous, actin' a fool
they've got no respect for anyone, knock 'em out one by one
with fists though, no need for a glock, or a machine gun
cause I hate these cats talkin' 'bout their finger itch
let's be honest if you've got a gun, you a fucking bitch
poppin' someone defenseless, yeah, you a hero dog
here's your knighthood, your Cross of Valour, cause you a hero dog
while I'm on you cowards get that fuckin' knife outta your shoe
and knocking on people from behind, that's on you
you're the reason why there's no privacy anymore
CCTVs in the city, to your front door
cause the few ruin it for the many, you know that's true
if you are included in the few, well then, I fuckin' hate all of you (fuck ya)


Hate this girl who tells me to take a picture it'll last longer
When she is waiting by the lights, I say bitch, you're fuckin' bonkers
put your tits away, and hide that rump
then I won't look, you fuckin' grump
girls hang it out for guys to see and other girls to be jealous of
but if you look in that direction you are an ogling slob
she flips me the bird, I roll my eyes and drive on
cause life's too short, some don't realise it until they're gone
hate these roadworks, seems like they've been here forever
signs telling me to slow to 40, I see workers here, never
hate when drivers don't indicate when they pull over by the curb
this dude in front is about to get it, even if he's big I won't be perturbed
I'm coming to the end of this trip, and I'm still in one piece
the car still has its grease, the clutch can still release
because drivin', is a dangerous game
hate that I see bunches of flowers by the road, a goddamn sham (R.I.P)



released January 15, 2017
'Disco Inferno' by the Glee cast



all rights reserved


Joe March Australia

I'm passionate about music and have been making it for a minute. I mainly create conscious hip hop where I can vent by putting my opinions down on 'wax'. Many other songs are tracks about the fairer sex.

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