I Need A​.​.​.

by Joe March

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I need to find me one like this
head together, a perfect fit
a down to earth one, feels like a sis
thick lips to kiss, life would be bliss

One who doesn't smoke, who's never sniffed a line
doesn't sit at a bar sipping carcinogenic wine
who is pure, values, honesty and truth
head on their shoulders, ain't done stupid things as a youth
cause I don't believe we are all fucking stupid
as we come up, it's a cop out and convoluted
values hard work and ain't fussed by having our own
we will see, or maybe continually postpone
cause really we don't need to, the world is too small
for people popping our four, I've said it before
doesn't spend all day looking at their telephone
and be on me about everything, moan and groan
that god damn nagging shit, I just can't take
need some room, I give you yours, don't expect you to bake
doing our own things is healthy, makes me love you more
waiting to get you in my arms, a never ending rapport


I need a modest broad, who doesn't show off
only lets one see her skin, doesn't doff
her articles of clothing for anyone but me
leaves it to the imagination, I only see
lets me sniff her body like I'm knocked down
when she leaves I have the symptoms of a comedown
who stands up for me even when she doesn't agree
and I'll do the same, stand tall like a coast redwood tree
would rather stay in together than out amongst swine
unlike the majority the relationships doesn't decline
likes nights in on the couch huddled up
sitting as we sip from the same cup
can have some fun and laugh at stupid shit
appreciates my quickness with some wit
if things aren't working well, she still commits
a quitter I can't stand, not one little bit


I need an hourglass figure, but if I had to choose
I'd choose more weight towards the bottom, hard not to overuse
favour the brunettes, those are who I mainly have in my mind
but it's not a necessity, prefer to be colour blind
loves to keep fit, but doesn't overdo
I love to rip those yoga pants off, a sweaty view
no need for a shower, I'll wipe you down
then lay in bed before I get your dressing gown
the kind no one would think would be a tiger
as wild as me, all day thinking about removing your fiber
who loves it, and doesn't make me beg for it
likes her toes sucked, the best kind of chick
all the boxes she well and truly ticks
all the time spent with her goes too quick
comes in afterwards for a kiss
I need to find me one like this



released July 11, 2017



all rights reserved


Joe March Australia

I'm passionate about music and have been making it for a minute. I mainly create conscious hip hop where I can vent by putting my opinions down on 'wax'. Many other songs are tracks about the fairer sex.

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