I Saw Her

by Joe March

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I could tell she really wanted me, by the look in her eyes
I just really, needed to get by
without strumming up a convo, or looking too close
I knew it would be hard though, she had my dose
brunette, thick, reminded me of one from before
one where I didn't want it to end, wanted more
more and more, that much I was sure
If I knew I looked then maybe, I would score
the girl had lust in her eyes while holding a mojito, a previous war
rebounding the hurt by throwing, her smalls on the floor
that was her plan, and I was, the one in her sights
she had a girlfriend saying go for it, I saw her legs in tights
the temptations of it all, without Otis and Ron
if you're wondering why I'm concerned, it's because I've got one at home
I've got one at home, I've got one at home
would this be worth it, the thought that was in my dome

She hasn't done me bad what the fuck am I doing?
It's like I'm hypnotised to be with another woman
She hasn't done me bad (She hasn't done you bad)
She hasn't done me bad

So I closed the door behind her as she found the belt
I was still having, a mile a minute doubts
that ass is now on my seat, I want it on face
can't stop thinking with my dick, wanna get to home base
as I walk around the hood, to the driver's door
wondering if she likes to lead, ask for and roar
or is it, to drive her home then rev before
I have a chance to change my mind, but I can't ignore
the new decor in my whip, ask myself if that's all I stand for
some pussy, some ass, some lips that act like a whore
it can't be, but with every word, I'm fucked further in awe
that sexy sultry steamy voice, she's killing me, matador
I drive up the ceramic drive-way and stop, pull the handbrake
put it in P, every step feels like a repeated quake
Well this is it I say, as she puts her hand on my thigh
and gets out of the car, after I've done this will I be able to justify


I offer her a drink
I can't fucking straightly think
seeing memories up of us from before
her panties that haven't been put away in a drawer
she don't seem to mind though
she don't seem to mind
she just wants to bump and grind though
that's all that she has on her mind
she edges closer and starts to kiss my lips
she tastes so sweet and has a scent of mint
I love how she takes control, and how rough she felt
we struggle to the couch, as she, unbuckles my belt
I drop to the cushions, with her on top of me
got a pain in my back, arch the back, pull it out and see
it's a photo frame with us from Christmas, last year
what the fuck am I doing, it just all became clear
I can't do this, even if I wanted to
I can't do this, even if I wanted to
I've got another woman, that I can't undo
I can't do this, even if I wanted to
She said that I was a fucking tease and to go forth a screw
I apologised and said not even for someone as beautiful as you
I'll drive you home, I'm so sorry to...
before I could finish she left my view



released January 14, 2017



all rights reserved


Joe March Australia

I'm passionate about music and have been making it for a minute. I mainly create conscious hip hop where I can vent by putting my opinions down on 'wax'. Many other songs are tracks about the fairer sex.

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