I Think of You

by Joe March

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I think of you
I think of you
I, think, of, you

When I wake up alone, can smell your scent on the pillow
metaphorically speaking feel like I'm caught in a billow
there's no you to admire, after the waves come hellfire
what did I do before you, underfoot in a quagmire
these are the worst of times, no best of times here
being alone without you, when I shed a tear
when I just want to do nothing but disappear
feel like headlights all around, and I'm the deer
even my rhymes I say make me visualise you
jaunts we went on, seeing deer at the zoo
I feel like if I was assessed through a Rorschach (roar-shark) test
I'd see you in every card, I feel that messed
I feel that truly blessed to know you
like looking for a needle in a haystack I found you
I think of you, the most when I'm trying not to
a gift and a curse, time apart I ain't used to


When I go shopping and I pass your favourite foods
your favourite vices, afterwards put you in a bad mood
When I watch a horror movie, I turn to my side
anticipating your expressions, like someone died
so cute when you were frightened, a face to die for
was honored that I, had only scored
when I see your team play, I hope that they win
gave you great enjoyment, liked to rub it in
when we played each other, you'd text me the result
even though you know I'd know it, playful insult
when I hear your favourite song, feel like it's everywhere
elevator, radio, ads, lyrics, psychological warfare
come back here, this has got to cease
I need my idol, my masterpiece
there could be a smell soon, neighbours calling the police
I have those thoughts, my minds in a crease


When, well, everything makes me think of you
no one else knows just what I go through
not my first heartache but this is the worst
because I can't forget, fell like I have rehearsed
a song for weeks, a play for years
if it were a Greek tragedy if would receive cheers
I just can't stop thinking thoughts of you
our time together, what we work through
viewing your face on various internet sites
hours spent surfing on a precarious night
as I close my eyes I hope for this pain to end
waiting for you to come back tomorrow, and never leave again
going to make you promise, because I can't go one day
feel like I'm standing in the middle of a freeway
everything makes me think of you
even the keys rattling at the door, I run to you



released July 10, 2017



all rights reserved


Joe March Australia

I'm passionate about music and have been making it for a minute. I mainly create conscious hip hop where I can vent by putting my opinions down on 'wax'. Many other songs are tracks about the fairer sex.

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