I Will Rap

by Joe March

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I will rap (I will rap)
I will rap (I will rap)
I will rap (I will rap)
I will rap (I will rap)
until my tongues cut off
until my lights go out
until I can't rhyme no more
until I cannot shout!
I will rap (I will rap)
I will rap (I will rap)

Until babies stop having babies, kids stop having kids
should have to abort if you're pre-18, harsh, yeah probably what it is
but if you've taught kids of dropkicks, you'll want a quick fix
teens, need, to, hop, off, that, dick
I'm writing' until a two-child policy is put in place
giving money to lazy parents who just wanna mate
until women don't need a whistle for rape
and it matters less about their shape
until people stop saying that kids will be kids
after they've done 160 off a bridge
yeah we all make mistakes, but not like that
call it for what it is, good riddance, to the gnat
until racism ends, until chips are off shoulders
until fathers stop dusting off their shoulders
when responsibility knocks, attach a boulder
so they can't go far to be a freeloader


No not for food, not for money, not for honeys
not to get inside of the playboy bunnies
will spit 16 until we all take up a softer vice
do we mollycoddle addicts, are we too nice?
should they be locked away for a while after advice
after all, they illegally bought the powder to fools paradise
when prisoners stop eating, better than plenty
outside the gates, it happens to too many
until they stop rioting and getting away with it
legit money spent on those who don't deserve spit
will spit to change people, or even one's
mindset, then it will be worth it, to put away guns
when I hear about another massacre in the US
I feel tears building up, wonder why I do try to repress
but I more so ponder why, why they transgress
aim, unload and empty suicide, and would claim as a success


When mothers stop drinking with a fetus in their womb
once the baby's out, stick the mother in a terrifying tomb
until there is less to report on in a newsroom
until we all stop being so concerned to consume
until the student to teacher ratio is lower in a classroom
when there can be two wives or two grooms
because now marriage means nothing anyway
people tying the knot on reality shows, only meeting that day
will flow until pricks stop smoking around other people
had one on a running track, wanted to do something illegal
until we are harder on criminals, from the petty to the major
from tagging, graffiti to the white collar's on a wager
until the class gap closes, instead of, widening
a billionaire going to rule the world, it's frightening
will rhyme, write, spit, flow, rap until I'm dead
and I can't do it on my own, the word you must spread


released January 15, 2017



all rights reserved


Joe March Australia

I'm passionate about music and have been making it for a minute. I mainly create conscious hip hop where I can vent by putting my opinions down on 'wax'. Many other songs are tracks about the fairer sex.

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