by Joe March

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You're begging for forgiveness, I can hear you cry
see your watering eyes, I'm not wondering why
looking down on you as you are on your knees thinkin' of a reply
I know women on their knees, makes guys feel fly
but not this instance, it got me feeling dry
like I'm the fall guy, like I was passed by
like all this has been ruined because of your lie
got you now pleading for forgiveness asking me to comply
like you're in confession, hands together cause it's gone awry
like I'm the father before the hail marys would decry
but this ain't role play, it's drama, is in high supply
you want to retry cause you needed to see another third eye
this is a war cry without getting tongue tied, I'mma say goodbye (goodbye)
and never drop by, I won't be that guy who's the standby
to find out what you were doing, I don't need to be in the F.B.I.
I heard the sounds, like that of a hue and cry

You're on your knees crying and I admit that I'm holding them back
but with what I know I just can't take you back
just leave (leave)
leave (leave)
just leave (leave)
leave (leave)

Why'd you do this to me, to us, to you
how'd you do this to us, you know we're through
I'll never get that out of my mind, that shocking view
as I looked through the opening of the door, there'd be no redo
like a rodeo, you the cowgirl do anything for cock
I wonder how many others you rode or sucked
or licked, or let their tongues lick you
we could not, be anymore through
as I say that you plead once again
say it got out of hand, we were friends
I say fuck friends and fuck you too
you didn't even use protection, yeah, I saw that too
I saw everything, and I took a photo with my memory
we spoke about ours, and that was never my fantasy
seein' your ass bouncing on another man
fuck that man, almost made me do a stan


Love me or leave me I don't care
you say you never fucked me right, anyway
are you really that dull, really that lame
really with that line, you love playing that game
turning it from begging to criticising
you just can't stand what I'm now realising
what I should'a realised earlier in this house
that my trust was misguided on a cheating louse
never fucked you right, bitch, you gave me a hernia
moaning and fucking me from all angles on the furniture
get your things and disappear, get up off your knees
great performance though, but the pleases do not hide the sleaze
and what's worse you did it in my bed, where are the keys
my friends were right about you, they will now be at ease
I did everything for you and this is what I receive
put yourself in my shoes and tell me you wouldn't want you to leave



released January 17, 2017



all rights reserved


Joe March Australia

I'm passionate about music and have been making it for a minute. I mainly create conscious hip hop where I can vent by putting my opinions down on 'wax'. Many other songs are tracks about the fairer sex.

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