Lock the Door

by Joe March

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As I lock my reinforced door I hear sirens blaring
is it for a homo, an accident, a fire? no body caring
will they survive, die, these thoughts I'm airing
what's better, worse, there's no comparing
the things I see when the clouds are over me
that's why this pen will always bleed
like when I went on the train, a bum begging
asks for some coins for a bed that night
gets off and what does she spend it on?
shit like Sprite
gives the homeless a bad name
the reason why the fact I don't put my hand in pocket, doesn't make me feel ashamed
really wanted to turn around and spray that cunt
the closest I've ever been to causing a public scene
the reason people shouldn't walk around, with weapons, with particle beams

I double check my door before I leave my pad
hide my belongings, it's pretty sad
that this is how it has to be
worry that at work there'll be a shooting spree

As I look into the sky I hear an aeroplane
makes me want, to, start a new campaign
want to get, away from it all
this cold dark night making me wish it were fall
dude behind me in a hoodie, makes me turn my head
it's funny how a piece of clothing, makes us further dread
when I've got one on too, a hypocrite
if only everyone was legitimate
no fear, no locks, no fucking gats
no excuses to slaughter over 150 thousand innocents Japs
fantasy world, it'll never happen I know
so much to see in this world, only a stones throw
away, but hey, cost of living got me thinkin' of the future
and the other 3 tier governmental bloopers
200,000 dollars for some large rocks
breathe in and out, kangaroo court's a ballot box


I like walking around my town late at night
gives me the chance to think, I like the chance of fight or flight
epinephrine or adrenaline, the feeling or some tension
just the feeling that is required to tune the engine
after a day, of dealing with stress
that arises from people, cleaning up others' mess
I like the world at night, when most of us are asleep
can see and hear more clearly, hear the faintest weep
they only come at night though, the freaks and creeps
trying to put someone 6 feet deep
now though I don't see another walker near by
just cautious motorists trying not to die
could name all of the cars that pass by, excel or jeep
on this side of town, few go past being cheap
another train goes past as I check my watch
and feel my pocket for my keys for that lock



released July 11, 2017



all rights reserved


Joe March Australia

I'm passionate about music and have been making it for a minute. I mainly create conscious hip hop where I can vent by putting my opinions down on 'wax'. Many other songs are tracks about the fairer sex.

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