Makes Me Wanna Write a Song

by Joe March

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True story.


Oh man!

Drivin' by, mindin' my own
wishing for work to be postponed
when I do see it from the back
wishing that I had my old Kodak
publish the photograph in an almanac
turning my thoughts into a maniac
gonna miss the foot brakes and have a crash
turn me into that like an insomniac
I wanna have that made into a plaque
and one that does shine in the dark
the greatest thing since sliced bread
got me thinking of my vows when I wed
you know you've got it, makin' traffic stop
we'll know we've made it when that can be workshopped
that ass makes me wanna write a song
I've finally found a place I truly belong

That ass makes me wanna write a song
that ass makes me wanna write a song
that ass makes me wanna write a song
that ass makes me wanna write a song
makes my mind weak, thinking, I wouldn't last long
will be on my mind, all day long
that ass makes me wanna write a song
that ass makes me wanna write a song

I could rhyme about it till I can't speak no more
write until all of the trees, have hit the floor
till I've used every word in the my vocab
till something better is invented in a science lab
gotta be seen to be believed, how to describe such a thing
stands out like the Birdsnest does in Beijing
huge and round, shaped like a giant peach
in purple yoga pants suck it dry like a leach
if I could I would take it out dinner with me
on the behind of an African, with a youngin I see
wonder if she will get it from her mama
and cause some terrible traffic trauma
still in awe, mouth still gaped
my oh my, how god did shape
that ass makes me wanna write a song
I see no panty line insight, must be a thong


Got me thinking of my itinerary for the next day
will you be here the same time as today
I'll bring my camera and try to get a shot
be like a private dick, as you squat
hoping for the same temperature, for it to be hot
so you aren't wearing much like you're on a yacht
maybe you see me, and are flattered to be the upshot
for you to untie my knots and we play slots
as I stop at the lights hoping for a traffic jam
so I don't have to turn and lose this grand slam
my fav programme, in HD, fuck this car behind me
beeping their horn, do they not, see what I see
I've never seen anything like that, in my existence
as it leaves me, as I drive off in the distance
that ass made me wanna write a song
wishing for another like that to come along



released January 19, 2017

'You Rock My World' by Michael Jackson



all rights reserved


Joe March Australia

I'm passionate about music and have been making it for a minute. I mainly create conscious hip hop where I can vent by putting my opinions down on 'wax'. Many other songs are tracks about the fairer sex.

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