by Joe March

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Paparazzi, is the name of this song
it's my synonym for scum, fuck 'em day long
Murdoch and his chumps, could be another pap
R.I.P. M Dowler, time to cut the crap
the media is run, governed, by, their own rules
privacy has to be first, before being amused
rumour, accusations and innuendo
with no recourse at all, although
at times there's an apology, they can stick it up their ass
they'll do the same thing the next day, no fucking class
apathetic as they come, suck ups, with cameras in a line
Harvey Levin stick your cup where da' sun don't shine
labelled as a stalker unless, you have a lens
it doesn't make sense, we're doing, nothing to cleanse
if i wanna sample someone's work, I gotta pay a fee
but to pimp someone's image is okay, well fuck me

I've got a nickname for suck ups it's called paparazzi
Have you ever heard these guys speak to a celebrity
lowlifes who contribute nothing to society on the world map
occupations not worth a clap, laws haven't caught up with the crap

Lance Armstrong...... I better leave it at that
but I can't, he deserves to be fucking splat
pap should be his post athletic career
I feel for anyone who clapped, whistled or cheered
Lance you're a snake, a phony, a fake, a punk, a skunk
so stuck up you could sit a polygraph and not flunk
a cheat, habitual liar, thief, life just flawed
his whole damn life, he was just a fraud
I was always suspicious, because too much was being said
by those who rode with him, those who broke bread
sued, verbally scolded those who spoke what was true
should be locked up, standing in a cafeteria queue
but he still has millions, I pray karma to be true
if anyone deserves their comeuppance, it's this fuck, thank you
years of exploiting and deceiving everyone under the sun
and people still stand up for him? fuck it I'm done


Internet comments, the cesspool of the world
those who type should be underground with their fingers curled
they show how many attention whores take in breath
fuck 'em all man, fuck 'em to death
what they say on the internet, they wouldn't say it to a face
cowardice commentators, a dime a dozen, in cyber space
read about five and you'll feel your brain cells going
if not you'll feel that the moron rate is growing
if you really told me to S.T.F.U. for an opinion
you would be knocked out, with or without my minions
a troll is another word for attention whores who tweet
get the I.P address, for what won't be a meet and greet
crack every phone and camera you see out on the street
jail every addict who adds needles to what they eat
these are just some of the people who I'd like to wipe off my feet
media, pap, internet gangsters and lying fucking cheats



released January 16, 2017



all rights reserved


Joe March Australia

I'm passionate about music and have been making it for a minute. I mainly create conscious hip hop where I can vent by putting my opinions down on 'wax'. Many other songs are tracks about the fairer sex.

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