by Joe March

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We all have regrets, I got a few
it fucks up your life thinking what you should have knew
what you should have done, differently
thinking my life would be so much better consequently
we all have regrets, I got a few
it fucks up your life thinking what you should have knew
how you should have done things differently
thinking my life would be so much better consequently

I regret, that chick that I didn't ask out
that day, that I got into a bout (I fucked him up)
that time, I should've fucked that guy up
when I missed out on pussy when I was a pup
that exam, I didn't study enough for
missing that A plus by one on the score
all those days I didn't hit the, training track
no doubt the reason I didn't, get my, records back
that shot I missed, that shot I save
all those times I was timid and not brave
regret all those times I said no, instead of yes
still haven't taken, out my dime in a dress
still haven't done many things, but nevertheless
gotta keep moving on, it's time for more success
so as I immerse and move on to the next verse
just remember we are, our, own, worst, curse


Regret that I spent hours in the system but wasn't sure
what to do with my life, but I will endure
regret that I've wasted gods gifts to make a future
you know like a doctor learning to stitch using suture
all those times I was too busy watching the pockets
trying to save cash, missing out pluggin' girls sockets
many times I've regretted that I do have a short fuse
but more so that I keep it bottled up and refuse
to get into heat more often than not
regret that I handed over bucks to that fuckin' crackpot
I regret lettin' some people walk over me with a smirk
right here I make a commitment never again to shirk
but maybe I regret more so the wasting coin
giving cash to tradesmen, who could not join
a plug to a socket, dry-wall to wood
I tell ya, I wish somebody would


I regret that I regret and cant rejig my hippocampus
need an M.I.B neuralyzer that retains my status of the baddest
this ain't sci-fi though, so instead I've perused some pages
it said that it's normal to go though the various stages
and that the way to get overcome these regrets is to identify
understand the problem, get your life together and solidify
make up for the mistakes that you made back in the day
and avoiding blaming others cause that only, ends in disarray
let the emotions of the regret be felt in your mind
this is meant to help you get over them, move forward in time
look for the lessons you learnt, instead of what you lost
still unsure go to the place with the coloured glass and the cross
but does any of this actually fucking help at all
or will I still be thinking of her through the crystal ball
I guess all that you can hope for is that things happen for a reason
that things will work out in the end and come together like seasons
that you'll make the right call to give you true meaning
and the regrets will stop that have had you screaming



released July 16, 2017



all rights reserved


Joe March Australia

I'm passionate about music and have been making it for a minute. I mainly create conscious hip hop where I can vent by putting my opinions down on 'wax'. Many other songs are tracks about the fairer sex.

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