Speakers' Corner

by Joe March

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Gather round, gather round, get your daily news
from the speakers' corner, my opinion you shan't refuse
we need to rise up, I aim to disabuse
get the heads from the sand, stop hitting snooze

This is grown man rap I ain't speaking about I wear
the chains around my neck, the income, that isn't there
the models I pop, claiming that I'm a multimillionaire
garage full of whips, closet full of once worn pairs
the drugs I partake in the parties I attend
thinking about what I write before I write, what message will I send
because what I hear, is so difficult to defend
this music that I grew up with, continues to descend
the message is garbage, I ain't asking them to be biblical
just some substance, I'm probably better off asking for a miracle
the world is a reflection, it's hard not to be critical
when I combine and rhyme these multi-syllables
where does one start, this planet constantly ravaged by war
335 Year War, the war in Darfur
Greco-Persian, Vietnam, the ones all inshore
costs in the billions, not the coin, but the people who I speak for


Fines should be in correlation to someone's net
because a pineapple isn't a deterrent to someone who owns a jet
just like it means more to someone who can barely afford a TV set
knocking their own savings back into credit debt
it's no surprise people walk out and in of jail
can't manage on their own two, it's easier to fail
everything's provided, they don't need to make ends meet
got it better on the inside than the thousands who are living on the street
prisoners' living standards should be below the nations
to make them appreciate their freedom, and have aspirations
heard of an inmate with a ps2, asking for a ps3 in his application
proposals like these should deny the chance for parole evaluations
and we all call for harder time, sometimes it's promoted in word
but little comes of it, and this is not preferred
if a pollie goes back on an election promise, impeach
if the leader resigns not long after being elected, I call breach


We shouldn't need all these jails, shouldn't need all these police
shouldn't need all these campaigns tax payers help grease
don't gamble, don't smoke, drive while drunk, they fucking fleece
we need to be told this, this society so obscenely obese
is proof that people don't listen, choose another way
put on TV, radio, magazines, from my fucking pay
we shouldn't need so many laws, written for the degenerates
kleptomaniacs, pyromaniacs and the delinquents
pedophiles and sleaze balls making the easy hard
let's not talk about these fucks, who give more jobs to customs guards
the fucks who make speed tables get constructed
who make the searching of my bag, cause I fit the type, be conducted
who make people think you are up to something when you want a refund
almost lost it when I was a teen, cashier about to be stunned
but that's for another day, as I stand on the speakers' corner
venting, lettin' out, like a newly told mourner


released January 17, 2017



all rights reserved


Joe March Australia

I'm passionate about music and have been making it for a minute. I mainly create conscious hip hop where I can vent by putting my opinions down on 'wax'. Many other songs are tracks about the fairer sex.

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