Speakers' Corner V2

by Joe March

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We give hospital beds, to thick thrill seekers
toss 'em in a casket, I wouldn't even, remove their sneakers
could go to fund research, buy new beakers
or to house endangered animals, breed new creatures
you wanna take that risk, try to fly from a plane
is this Paris 1912 when Franz got worse than a sprain
and you want my salary funds, the fucking vain
and worse those junkies getting attention due to cocaine
alcoholics getting organs before the more needy
these cunt motherfuckers, be fuckin' greedy
we need to do something, it shouldn't be so easy
while I'm still in the waiting room, penning an entreaty
put the chain to these dope fiends, wasting my prime time
the reasons I'm standing on a corner, trying to rhyme
I'm in pain in here cause of an unfortunate accident
and you're in here because you couldn't be abstinent

Another week another corner gather round and attend
listen intently then spread, the message my friends
Let it ride, sink in deep and cleanse
it's gone on too long, we need to make amends

Our pockets getting thinner, our nest egg getting smaller
our plates larger, our kids, not aiming to be a scholar
families decreasing, but we want more space, for our crawler
back yard's getting tighter, more space for kids to watch a screen in squalor
bigger houses, more to heat, and keep cool
neighbours got the AC running when on the streets, you'll see a pool
open a fucking window, you're mooching off the earth
your kids, kids there'll be an electricity dearth
while I'm on them, we shouldn't be given any incentives to have kids
this planet's over populated, more than two I forbid
more than three, get the coat hanger out
more than four, your genitals you can do without
the baby bonus is a joke, up to five k for popping one out
few countries do it which probably means it's a scheme, which should be out
come on everyone, just fucking think
we aren't coming off a pandemic or war where we need to breed as we blink


We got mothers getting paid, after having kids
child support laws a farce, like, it went to the highest bid
I've alluded to this before, said that it required more lines
I didn't have enough at the time, needed to plant the mines
cause how in the world does anything seem right
when a woman's earning thousands, due to one night?
kids need a bit of food, shelter, love and care
not their mother paying off a beach house, and weaving their hair
not saying I am against child support, nah that's unfair
the responsibilities clearly rest with both parties of the affair
but there has to be a limit, to stop the mooching
to stop this cycle, the sexism and the abusing
when I see the figures I start thinking one side is using
it's almost to the point of laughably being amusing
the courts needs to find another equitable solution
cause it's one of the biggest causes of men self-executin'



released January 16, 2017



all rights reserved


Joe March Australia

I'm passionate about music and have been making it for a minute. I mainly create conscious hip hop where I can vent by putting my opinions down on 'wax'. Many other songs are tracks about the fairer sex.

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