Stockholm Syndrome

by Joe March

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She's got me trapped, I can't walk away, (She's got me trapped)
I can't walk away, not today
She's got me trapped, I can't walk away, (She's got me trapped)
I can't walk away, not today
She's got me trapped, I can't walk away, (She's got me trapped)
I can't walk away, not today
She's got, me, trapped

Have you heard the story about Kristin Enmark
got abducted, held hostage, here comes the odd arc
only to end up sympathising with her kidnappers
like if a victim would at the hands of a gangbanger
ended up becoming an acquaintance to the ringmaster
I told ya it had an odd cliffhanger
I feel like I'm in their, well, a similar situation
in a relationship under one roof and a complication
got together, things moved fast, I got that ass
then you started changing, felt like everything was made of glass
had to tiptoe around you, quickly became the boss
your actions at times made me be at a loss
sometimes i feel that the devil must be a woman
the devil is a woman, seducer with the bosom
us men are weak, will put up with hell for a nice physique
case in point, what I'm writing 'bout here, this love's unique


You've got me Stockholm syndrome, my whole family hates you
but they ain't going to bed every night and fucking you
you have many faults, but I look at your face and i can't look away
the leads to something else in bed, time to slay
got me trapped because of that wet, warm tight thing
makes me do countless things I don't wanna like blow money on bling
but when it results in you givin' it up
I take my wallet from my hip pocket and i spend up
I'm a man, I can be honest, I ain't afraid to say
that I'm pussy whipped, been it since the very first day
that Ismelt it, as you pushed my head down
licking the juices on your thigh, that ran down
I can't walk away, got me on your side when we're at war
and you know exactly how and when to use it, get on all fours
and shake that rump, tease me with your femininity
the pussy is the kryptonite to most men's masculinity


The things a guy will do for a pretty face
I tell ya, it's one of the reasons why we try to win that race
build the impossible, become leaders of the human race
go to the moon, to come back down, makes it easier to chick chase
I feel captive but that pussy makes me side with her
Stockholm syndrome when I rub against that soft fur
it's like I get burnt, but still put my hand in the fire
got me feeling sorry for you, when you cause what transpires
that box makes me feel like I'm to blame for the way I'm treated
I look past your lies, your behaviour, what you've thought you deleted
narcissistic, you can never ever be pleased
gotta wear the pants, my balls, are constantly squeezed
bereaved at the loss of them but then you tease
like Kristin Enmark, I've caught, the disease
cause you keep giving me what, I long to receive
Stockholm syndrome, with you it's impossible to leave



released July 10, 2017



all rights reserved


Joe March Australia

I'm passionate about music and have been making it for a minute. I mainly create conscious hip hop where I can vent by putting my opinions down on 'wax'. Many other songs are tracks about the fairer sex.

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