The Pressure's On

by Joe March

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When the pressure comes will you succeed or fall
will you hit that shot when it's time to ball
or will it be too much, fall back and crawl
or will it make you rise up and stand tall
when it's all said and gone, end up a hero
in Casino, like Robert Deniro
or become unseen, end up a zero
fall short, like the Gambinos
the pressure, to write something good
to make it sound like i know it should
the pressure on our leaders to stop, filling their plate
junket after junket, put into power without a debate
without our vote, without a quote
just promote themselves, then given the oath
the pressure's on, the pressure's on
will you stand to face it or will you run?

The pressure's on, the pressure's on
the pressure's on, the pressure's on
will you pass, right or wrong
the pressure's on, the pressure's on

The pressure to take a risk and make a decision
it could turn out bad, more likely though the correct vision
There's no safety in numbers...
the more you know, the more snakes in the grass
waiting for the that chance to strike
get to know the words you use to pass
because it's not what, it's who you know
I can speak from experience, check the bio
the pressure once there, to save the dough
few from poor can do it, countless cases of nothing but blow
then there's nothing to blow and nothing to show
pressure comes in many forms, gotta do what you can to control
the pressure to stay grounded, to not feed the devil
seen too many fall short, too many revel
the pressure's on, the pressure's on
will you stand to face it or will you run?


The pressure to be Mandela or MLK
to lead a country out of disarray
for people hanging and waiting on what you say and how you lead
while the minority are wishing for you to bleed
the pressure to be a president and have to push the button
caring for a loved one and switching off the button
your daughter has just collapsed and you don't know first aid
what the fuck are you gonna do? feels like it's 100 centigrade
focus on the basics was advice from the master
stand tall and support others like a pilaster
is the real test in pressure, to not just think of I
to remember the training when you're sweating and unify
deal with any stress with rest to recharge
then return to your church and barge and charge
the pressure's on, the pressure's on
will you stand to face it or will you run?



released January 16, 2017



all rights reserved


Joe March Australia

I'm passionate about music and have been making it for a minute. I mainly create conscious hip hop where I can vent by putting my opinions down on 'wax'. Many other songs are tracks about the fairer sex.

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