The Reason

by Joe March

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I lift so I can pick you up
I work so I can buy you stuff
so that you can get dressed up
but not so you can buy makeup
cause you do not need to apply
your natural beauty beautifies
why I care about what I wear
the reason why I do my hair
so next to you we look a pair
it's hard to see everybody stare
I run everyday to be fit for you
if I ever need to chase a fucker who
did you wrong, look at you wrong, it is on
they won't get further than one furlong
I will catch them, no getting away
have to be an Olympian who's collected bouquet

[You're the reason why] flow, spit, rap, rhyme
[You're the reason why] gots to get mine
[You're the reason why] the reason, the reason
[You're the reason why] You're the reason

When I hear Bed by J Holiday I think of you
You are not alone by MJ, that makes two
Seal's Kiss From a Rose, a vision of you
I Would Die for You by Prince, that is true
a heart of gold, smooth like silk
love you baby, what we've built
like a passed down quilt, growing like stilts
I feel ours will never ever wilt
I feel ours will always be
one that others wished that they'd see
one that others wished that they had
praying that it will never turn bad
praying that we will forever be blessed
to have more time together in our nest
to have more time dressed and undressed
the reason I write, the reason why I have progressed


I write for you, I rap for you
I lie for you, I strive for you
If you didn't exist, I'd be a different man
with a different plan, a shorter lifespan
the reason I shave, crave, save, gave
wave, rave, be brave, behave
everything I do, I do it for you
everything I do, I do it for two
everything I do, I do it for us
everything I do I do to earn your trust
what other reason do I have to be here
thinking without you only brings upon fear
I need you everyday I awake
to see your face, to not bring aches
you know that I would not be here if it wasn't for you
you're the reason



released July 8, 2017

'Sensual Seduction' by Snoop Dogg.
'The Reason Why I Sing' by Kirk Franklin, sung by 3b4jHoy.
'Oh Freedom!' by The Golden Gospel Singers.
'Blue Fields' by Nobuo Uematsu.
Die Hard Theme.



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Joe March Australia

I'm passionate about music and have been making it for a minute. I mainly create conscious hip hop where I can vent by putting my opinions down on 'wax'. Many other songs are tracks about the fairer sex.

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