Too Good

by Joe March

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Everyone who raps has to have a track about their mum, right?


I say thank you! I couldn't mean it anymore
not the best at expressing, but I mean it for sure
I apologise for the times I lost my temper and swore
and all those times I did nothing but walk by and ignore
I think sometimes kids forget our parents are human beings
real people, with real emotions, and real feelings
the best way I can say all of this, is through bars
appreciative that I don't have the inclination to spend nights at bars
to run, the main passion in my life, you helped the medal count grow
felt bad when I didn't perform, didn't put on a show
and I thank you for taking me where I needed to go
did your best even though the income didn't fleetly flow
working hard for over a decade but didn't get what you're worth
did everything you could do for us since your three children's birth
I joke that you have five, and I know once you wanted six
three more siblings? I just think of the extra conflicts

You're too good to me
I thank you endlessly
thank you
thank you

When you were raised, you had it rough
when you were young, your mother took of
from what I hear, you raised yourself
and some of your siblings too, without the belt
father also left, maybe felt unimportant
but still made no effort to contact you
I guess we share something there, the same patriarchal view
it's up to the children, it's an opposite view of reality
these people have the wrong, mentality
we joke you're too nice, forgive too easily
if you are trying to follow Luke 6:37
you better, start, making mistakes
and I'm not talking about burning something you've baked
I thank you for making me swim, it did come in handy I guess
even if back in the day it did cause me to stress
because I wasn't then thinking that, I've, been blessed


My father has tried to diminish your character
as well as every other woman in the register
I've fucking hated myself when I haven't stood up for you
does he think we can't see what he would've put you through?
does he think we can't see what type of person he is?
lies out of his arse, thinks it shines out of his
thinks he's entitled to everything, without any sweat
another reason not together, likes to blow money on a bet
I often wonder if you stayed together, just how I'd be
would the racism, sexism and bigotry have been passed to me?
had a father figure for sometime, but it was never quite right
part of the reason was due to hearing the arguing and the fights
I thank you for moving on, gettin' on with the law
maybe not quite the rose from concrete, but not a long bow to draw
and now I'm here, I've done okay, I can only say it's thanks to you
for nursing me when I was a baby through to a migraine or flu


Thank you


released January 16, 2017



all rights reserved


Joe March Australia

I'm passionate about music and have been making it for a minute. I mainly create conscious hip hop where I can vent by putting my opinions down on 'wax'. Many other songs are tracks about the fairer sex.

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