by Joe March

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This is about a guy trying to choose between two women. Inspired by Z-Ro's great '3 Way Relationship' off the Meth album.


I'm no clearer about who I want to choose
I want you and you
I want you and you
I want you and you
I just cant settle for any less than the two of you
I want you and you
I want you and you
I want you and you

I'm going crazy at the moment, in the midst of a dispute
with myself, in my mind, about which cutey to boot
which booty to salute, who has the juiciest fruit
the most likely to ride with me, not waste our loot
got two of the finest women I need to choose between
but each with their own idiosyncrasies, who's my queen
one is newer to my dreams, two I've known since a pre-teen
one dresses more casual, the other likes to look preen
likes the brands, logos, and expensive things
cares about rings on her fingers, the shiny bling
the other not too much, fingers very slim
love that she ain't materialistic, blow cash on a whim
I guess that's a tick for her, but there's still a lot more
weighing up the pros and cons has, become a chore
cause both make me sore, both I do adore
thinking which one I have, the best rapport


Number one's a lil thicker, hips and thighs
looks incredible in anything that she tries
but two is more adventurous, sexually wise
turns me on after I've busted, tastes her creampie
will wake me up by sitting on top of me
feeding me my breakfast, better than, any cup of tea
that's not to say one needs to earn a degree
love the way she makes the most of her body
and she is more romantic, surprises me with sex
and what she wears during, turns into, different objects
the teacher, the student, wearing specs
feel closer to her afterwards, forget about the life that's next
forget about going to work, and an appointment I need to attend
just thinking about the different ways that you can bend
and the problem I've gotten into, I do intend
to make a call, I just need a bit more time to comprehend


It's decision time, I can't prolong this any longer
who do i want, if I wait any longer, I'll be labelled a monster
they may find out, join the dots, after they both ponder
I could be out with one and see two, I'd be a fucking goner
then I'd have zero, no pussies to lick
no ass to stare at, the dog I would kick
I would never find another so adorable, and so thick
or so intelligent, and, witty with quips
eeny meeny miny moe, been through the cons and pros
this be the kind of shit you'd see on, a reality show
I ask those close, who I can trust for advice
they say what traits do you see as having a higher price
and who can you see being with for, the rest of your life
maybe one day trotting together through thrown rice
waking up each day, talking to when things, get sag and dry
and the passion decreases, I say okay, okay, let's retry



released January 14, 2017



all rights reserved


Joe March Australia

I'm passionate about music and have been making it for a minute. I mainly create conscious hip hop where I can vent by putting my opinions down on 'wax'. Many other songs are tracks about the fairer sex.

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