by Joe March

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You were unforgettable, unbelievable and that's just the beginning
you were selfless, stunning, would light up the room, always had me brimming
with a smile when I saw you, I would be grinning
had to see you every day, worth a trillion times a shillin'
This song's for you and I'll never forget you
have all your photos on display hoping you'll pop out of them to
I'm letting you know what you meant to me through our convo
not one other bird could hold a candle to your left pinky toe
where do I start, you've got the eyes of a princess, the hair of a model
the body of a goddess, the shape of a coke bottle
the personality of a TV host, the athleticism of a gymnast
the juices of a peach, the best I've ever witnessed
unforgettable you are, were, and always will be
wouldn't trade you for an instant twelve year medical degree
gotta continue to praise you until you come back
loved the way you looked, red hair, blonde or jet black

I'm spitting this for the ones that got away
I'm conveying this for anyone with emotional decay
I'm saying it for the people that out there hurting
I'm rapping the bars for those who are now date averting
I'm delivering this so you can put your hand on you left pec
and feel it's worth trying again, we ain't wrecked
plenty of fish out there in the sea
if only I believed what I'm saying, I need you back Li

The way your eyes shined in the moonlight was a sight to behold
I'm not going to make is something that I never wanted to be told
if i could have I would have gave you my organs, every single fucking one
to give you one more day on Earth, under the Sun
to give you one more hour to see the World
to give you one more minute to be whirled
for us to do one more thing as a pair
its so unfair lord! I scream out, but where
who to, who am I yelling to, is it a prayer
I think I've lost hope in that, spiritually bare,
I know you wouldn't of wanted me to be this way, but I'm scared
I didn't think you would go so quickly, I was under-prepared
I can't help but show you my real, true, and honest feelings
I'm still dreaming that it's all a dream, I wanna start from the beginning
did I do everything I could to heal your body baby
maybe, just maybe, we should've tried that other doctor, maybe


We cried, together, sighed together, I'd hoped that we could die together
we medically applied together, did you reach clouds, I wonder whether
as a pair we did so much, but had so much time left
I remember all the times we were out of hope, bereft
when the doctor said the operation was not a success
I remember you were calm, I cried, I was a mess
you told me to toughen up princess, and that is missed
a wicked sense of humor, with a soft sultry kiss
the demeanor of an angel, I swear I could see a halo forming
if only I could've seen the signs of cancer, heed the warning
will I ever find another, I can't see it happening to be honest
you told me to move on before you left, but you were modest
anything after you is like going from home made to fast food
like going from winning the lottery to being sued
I need you back, I need you back
I need you back, I need you back


I miss you


released July 8, 2017



all rights reserved


Joe March Australia

I'm passionate about music and have been making it for a minute. I mainly create conscious hip hop where I can vent by putting my opinions down on 'wax'. Many other songs are tracks about the fairer sex.

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